Other publications

Co-authored article on stuttering and support in Advance Magazine.

Essay on explaining stuttering to the media on the Stuttering Home Page

The Experience of People Who Stutter, a survey for the National Stuttering Association

Advance Magazine article on the survey

National Stuttering Association brochure for pediatricians

Journal article on specialty recognition in Perspectives on Fluency Disorders

Advance Magazine article on a National Stuttering Association youth program

Specialty Board on Fluency Disorders guide for parents

Advance Magazine article on a model program of school-based speech therapy for children who stutter


2 Responses to Other publications

  1. RMC Donald Cole USN, Ret. says:

    Hi Mr. McClure, it’s been a while, nice to see you doing well….

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Chief! Good to hear from an old shipmate.
      When I co-authored a book about a World War II vet, I found that war stories often get better with age and wound up doing a lot of fact-checking. So I’m starting to write down my stories from the Navy while they’re still mostly true.
      Hope my memories of Woody are still fairly accurate.

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